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Administrative Policy Manual

Policy: Re-Employment Policy
Contact: Assistant Director of Human Resources
Revision Date: 10/1/2002

Re-Employment Policy

To be provided.

Former full-time employees who were employed in a regular position for two or more years and who resigned in good standing, may be considered for re-employment provided their qualifications are suitable for a vacant position. A former non-faculty, non-union employee who is re-employed will be treated as either a new hire or a reinstatement. Re-instatement will occur if re-employment occurs within six-months of the termination date. A re-hire will occur if re-employment occurs after six-months from the date of termination. For union members, the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, if any, will apply.

A reinstatement means the individual will be eligible to enroll in the following benefits on the first day of the month following re-instatement.

  • medical/dental/vision plan
  • University Retirement Plan (individual who worked 23 months or less may not be eligible)
  • Vacation entitlement will be established based on the re-instatement date, adjusted by the full months of the absence.

A rehire means:

  • the person returns to work with a new date of hire and new effective dates for all University Benefit Programs. All waiting periods must be re-satisfied for benefits and entitlements, except for the retirement plan.
  • rules regarding a break-in-service are contained in the University’s Retirement Plan document.

Military Service

Individuals who entered military service may be re-employed based on the provisions of the Veterans Re-employment Act of 1974. This act provides that upon return from military duty, the person must be re-employed with full service credit and must be placed in his/her former position or a position of similar status and pay. For the Act to apply, the person must have a certificate of satisfactory completion of duty; apply to the University for re-instatement within 90 days after discharge or after hospitalization (of not more than one year) following discharge and be able to perform the duties of the former position. Further, the Act provides that Veterans who have been reinstated may not be separated except for cause during the one-year period following reinstatement. No individual will have reemployment rights after a military absence exceeding four years or an additional fifth year in the event he or she was requested to continue in service for the convenience of the Federal Government.

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