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Administrative Policy Manual

Policy: No Smoking Policy
Contact: Ann DeMeskey
Revision Date: 1/1/2003

No Smoking Policy

To protect the health and comfort of members of the Community, the University is committed to providing a smoke free environment.
The University has adopted the following revised policy controlling smoking, as required by the New Jersey law, which will become be effective on July 1, 1998.

Policy: The University is committed to providing a smoke-free environment to protect the health and comfort of members of the University community from the adverse effects of tobacco smoke. This policy shall be implemented by the following rules and regulations, which may be changed from time to time.

Rules and Regulations:

A. There shall be no smoking of tobacco products within any building or facility owned or operated by the University, except as provided below.

B. Smoking is permitted in the rooms in residence halls (or sections thereof) designated for smoking.

C. While all other buildings and facilities on University property are smoke-free, it should be particularly noted, there is no smoking in:

  • Conference rooms, classrooms, laboratories or lecture halls; or in auditoriums except smoking may be permitted as part of a theatrical performance
  • Offices
  • Libraries and bookstores
  • Health facilities
  • Cafeterias and food and beverage service areas
  • Storage or warehouse areas, and anywhere that hazardous substances are found
  • Lavatories
  • University-operated motor vehicles
  • Elevators, corridors, lobbies, entries or stairways
  • Gymnasiums, stadiums and other sports or recreational areas

D. Designated Smoking Areas:

  1. The University may designate in gymnasiums, stadiums and auditoriums separate and enclosed spaces for smoking. In recreational areas that are completely outdoors smoking is permitted in an area confined to a ten foot radius of a University-placed cigarette disposal container.
  2. The University may designate a lounge in an office building or an academic building for smoking; and a lounge that is part of a lavatory may be so designated provided there is in the building a lavatory that employees may use where smoking is not allowed.
  3. The Dean of Students may designate smoking lounges in residence halls provided there is a lounge in which smoking is not permitted.

E. Enforcement: Initial responsibility for enforcement of these regulations lies with the supervisor of the individual charged with a violation. Department heads and office supervisors should receive complaints and pursue them to resolution, or, if resolution cannot be achieved, refer them in writing to their supervisors. Complaints about students should be directed initially to the Dean of Students or to the person that office designates to handle residence hall matters. In appropriate circumstances, complaints should be referred to the campus Public Safety Office. The Offices of the Deans of Students may promulgate further policies and procedures on smoking in residence halls.

F. Lease or License of University Facility: These rules shall be incorporated in the room reservations policy and procedure and other methods of granting permission for individuals and groups to use University space or facilities. The person or organization granted such use shall acknowledge his/her or its responsibility to enforce this policy and the rules thereunder. Exceptions can be made only in writing by the campus Provost on the room-reservation or similar form.

G. Fines and Penalties: The state may impose fines as provided by law for violation of the law. A smoker who violates this policy shall be required to reimburse the University for any consequent fine imposed upon it under the New Jersey Smoking Act (N.J.S. 26:3D-15 et seq., as may be amended, the “Act”) and for the University's other costs of defense of or compliance with any matter related to the Act or this policy. In addition, an employee or a student who violates this policy can be reprimanded or disciplined. The discipline may also include a fine of up to $250 for each violation of this policy. Employees and students are responsible for the compliance of their guests (and other invitees) with the Act and this policy. The fine assessed against a guest shall become the responsibility of his or her host or the person or organization authorized to use the University space.

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